Tools and Supplies



Gardening, like most projects, is much easier when you have the right tools. Below I’ve listed some some common tools that will make your time in the garden more efficient.

  1. Hands – The original tool! Great for digging, planting, pruning and hauling.
  2. Dirt Rake – Necessary for working the soil
  3. 3-Prong Cultivator – Great for aeration and working amendments into the first few inches of soil
  4. Some Type of Hand-held Cultivator – Like this one can make weeding and working smaller patches of soil much easier
  5. Hand Trowel – Essential for planting and transplanting
  6. Snips – Makes harvesting and dead-heading a breeze
  7. Bypass Pruners – Essential for pruning fruit trees and berry bushes
  8. Wheelbarrow – Gotta cart everything around, right?
  9. Buckets – Helpful for harvesting and hauling
  10. Watering Can – Helpful for targeted watering or applying liquid fertilizer
  11. Stakes/Ties and Trellises – Essential for supporting large or unruly plants like peppers, tomatoes, peas, cucumbers, and pole beans
  12. Hori Hori Knife – This all-in-one tool is a traditional Japanese gardening implement. If you’re looking for just one tool to carry with you in the garden, this is it.
  13. Garden Knife – A knife like this one can come in handy for anything from opening bags of soil to harvesting.
  14. Leaf Rake – Great for end-of-season clean-up
  15. Gloves – Can be good to have when weeding or dealing with various other tasks. I recommend taking them off for planting. It just feels good to get your hands dirty sometimes.

Notice anything missing? How about a roto-tiller? I don’t use a roto-tiller because all of my vegetable beds are raised, a practice that I highly recommend. Tilling, while perhaps useful for large plots, should be avoided, in general, as the repeated practice actually damages soil structure. Plus, it’s a lot of work.

In addition to some of the tools mentioned above, you may need soil amendments and fertilizers to get your garden off to a good start. Check out this page for some recommendations.

Do you have any tool that you would recommend? Please, leave a comment below.


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